In the year 2005, with some songs written, guitarist Johnny Moraes decides to assembly a heavy metal band with a heavier and more melodic orientation. In the search for musicians that could share his same ideals, he finds Biek Yohaitus and Alex Pasqualle (bass and vocals, respectively).

HEVILAN was then born, a group that primes for the virtuosity and musical development, in all of its forms. In 2006, the first work was released: “Blinded Faith” is a three track EP that served to introduce HEVILAN to the general public and specialized media. The recording brings up a fantastic composition work, and lyrics that protest against any form of mind alienation.

It was then, time to hit the road. The “Blinded Tour” went through four Brazilian states, with HEVILAN showcasing with a lot of strength, all of its potential. The open act for the german band Primal Fear (São Caetano do Sul/SP) was one of the highlights of this tour.

New thoughts were going on, and the “debut” album was beginning to take shape. With the record composed, and the pre-production done, it was necessary a drummer which could be up to the job. So, many auditions were made, until AQUILES PRIESTER (Hangar, Noturnall, fmr. Angra), accepted the invitation to record the album.

“The End of Time” was recorded in two stages, with three producers. The first part (drums, bass and guitar) was made with renowned heavy metal producer Adair Daufembach, and the second (chorals, vocals, strings quartet, mix and master) with Brendan Duffey and Adriano Daga of Norcal Studios.

For the distribution in Brazil, a partnership with record label Voice Music was made.

The specialized critics acclaimed the record, giving it the highest grade in many reviews. The record was also elected by the public, as BEST POWER METAL ALBUM OF 2013, in Brazil (Road to Metal) and in Europe (Unknown Power Metal GT Channel). That helped HEVILAN to be the first Brazilian act to sign a record deal with the famous Massacre Records, of Germany, for an European release.

The first concerts of the “End of Time Tour” also paid off very well for guitarist Johnny Moraes, as in one them, he was spotted by an international show producer that enjoyed his performance with the band, and invited him to play as a sideman for Warrel Dane (Sanctuary, Nevermore) in his South American tour, in April.

To complete the team, Rafael Dysyz was called, the former drummer which played half of the “Blinded Tour” as a guest musician, and is now, a permanent member of the band.

With the band complete, and the release of the record in Europe, Hevilan is preparing to reach even higher places, in Brazil and Abroad!

The End of Time - 2013


1 - Regenesis
2 - Shades of War
3 - Minus is Call
4 - End of Time
5 - Desire of Destruction
6 - Sanctum Imperium
7 - Dark Throne of Babylon
8 - Son of Messiah
9 - Loneliness
Bonus Track (Brasil)
10 - Blinded Faith 2013


Produced by Hevilan.
Co-produced by Brendan Duffey, Adriano Daga and Adair Daufembach.
Recorded at Norcal, Daufembach and Johnny´s Lair studios.
Mixed by Brendan Duffey and Adriano Daga.
Mastered by Brendan Duffey.
All music composed by Biek Yohaitus and Johnny Moraes.
All chorals and strings created and arranged by Biek Yohaitus.

Blinded Faith (EP) - 2006


1 - Blinded Faith
2 - Distant Tomorrow
3 - Quest of Ilusion


Produced by Hevilan
Co-produced by Chrystian Szankowski and Glen Zolotar
Recorded at Johnny´s Lair and Chyrs studios.
Post-production and mixing by Glen Zolotar at Creative Studios.
Mastered by Glen Zolotar