Posted at 01/15/2021
Capa 400

The newest and most recent title “Symphony of Good and Evil” by the band Hevilan becomes one of...

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Posted at 01/15/2021
Hevilan 2021

“We are happy to welcome a new artist to the Brutal Records Roster. HEVILAN has signed a deal...

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Posted at 01/15/2021
Biek Entrevista

New interview with Biek Yohaitus, covering various subjects such as musical influences, EP Blinded Faith, training and the...

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*** LANÇAMENTO 19/03/2021

01. Dark Paradise
02. Rebellion of the Saints
03. Great Battle
04. Here I Am
05. Always in my Dreams
Devil Within
06. Part I: Evil Approaches
07. Part II: Hammer of Gods
08. Waiting for the Right Time
Symphony of Good and Evil
09. Part I: Revelation
10. Part II: Dark Ages
11. Part III: Song of Rebellion
12. Part IV: Epilogue

Alex Pasqualle (Vocal)
Johnny Moraes (Guitarra)
Biek Yohaitus (Baixo)
Rafael Dyszy (Bateria)

Gênero: Heavy Prog/ Symphonic Metal

Selo: Brutal Records

Produção: Biek Yohaitus

Gravação: Biek Yohaitus

Masterização e mixagem: Lasse Lammert

Artwork: Gustavo Sazes

Fotografia: Alex Pasquale


E-MAIL (Shows & Infos)


Jéssica Marinho
+55 11 957981416